The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

Ebook, 256 pages
Psychological, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery, Adult, Suspense
Rating: 3.5/5

Well, I did it. I picked up a book solely because Booktok told me to, and it has left me utterly confused. Don’t get me wrong, any book that makes me see the rays of the morning sun peak through my blinds, as the sudden realization that I have yet again, stayed up the whole night to read, automatically must be a good book, right? Well….you might just be wrong there.

“Waiting…waiting…that’s what women do. We wait for him to get home, we wait for him to pay attention to us, wait to be treated fairly—for our worth to be seen and acknowledged. Life is just a waiting game for women.”

The book starts of from the point of view of a woman who’s husband has two other wives. She has never met them. That was part of the agreement. No contact with the other wives. She doesn’t even know their names. Instead, she has a loving, caring, hot as a Greek God personified husband that comes home to her once a week. And the rest of the time, she distracts herself working to death.

Was she happy with this arrangement? No.

Will she continue with this arrangement? Yes. Absolutely. 100%. YES!

The secrecy of the situation is almost nightmarish as is the almost frightening adoration she has for this man. She almost fervently repeats in her head that “he loves them all in his way” and “she is his legal wife“. There is also a level of possessiveness, the way she subconsciously compares all her actions to other wives, each action marred by the competitiveness to be the “better wife” to him.

Now, don’t get me wrong, our girl was happy with this situation. I mean, sure she couldn’t go on a vacation with him when she wanted to, because one of his other wives, the youngest one, is now carrying his baby, and she can’t go into a restaurant or a club with him, because they might be spotted by someone she or he knows, or complain about her husband over brunch to a work bestie, because she doesn’t know that she is even married let alone in a polygamist relationship. But she was happy.

“Amazing how once you open a door for something, there’s no going back. All you can do is brace yourself as you get sucked in, deeper and deeper.”

And of course, all this secrecy, loving a man who keeps two-thirds of his life holed away in literally another city, has had his effects. So, she decides to snoop. She decided to befriend, Monday. Her husband’s latest and youngest wife. The one who is carrying his baby. Befriending someone under false pretenses is itself wrong, but when its your husband’s other wife who’s name you were not allowed to know, well, it gets messier. And when you find out that your perfect to a T hubby, has been abusing her, physically and maybe even forcing her to have her kid, well… that would crack any rose tinted glasses.

“In its place is a framed print of a pressed poppy. It depresses me. Pressed flowers are an attempt to hold on to something that was once alive. They’re desperate and lonely”

And so begins, her adventure down her husband’s twisted rabbit hole. She tracks down his first wife “Tuesday”, the workaholic, kid-hating one, who didn’t want to have kids because she had a “career”. (I know! What a monster!) Anyway, after that, there is a lot of drama, a lot of fighting, a lot of “he says she says”, a minor stint in mental hospital- you know, completely normal husband and wife things.

“Does a woman still have to explain herself when she doesn’t want children?”

And somewhere around here, after her discovery, after the mirror shattered, the plot plummets. The plot, still very fast paced and compelling, turned into slightly nonsensical and then, full blown “what the hell is even happening?” that turned the book into a cheap plot twist that could rival any melodramatic soap opera.

And honestly, the only reason I picked up this book (other than the glowing reviews promising me a compelling read- which it delivered on) was the tea. Hot gossip that spoke to my mundane bored soul. I was curious. It started off with knowing how anyone could agree and maintain a poly amorous relationship. Now, anyone who knows me will swear, cross their hearts and hope to die, that I am terrible at sharing. And as per the writer, this is where the idea of this book came from. So, this felt like a perfect fit.

And as much as I loved the emotional roller coaster that this book has put me through, the ending made me regret it, leaving me drained and kinda sad because it didn’t deliver on its promise. And it held a lot of promise.

P.S: It took me a very long time, nearly 3/4th of the book, before I realized that her name is actually Thursday and its not just the day of the week that Seth visits her on. Dumb me.

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